Snap Shut Afghan Bangle - Exotic

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Snap Shut Afghan Bangle - Exotic

All of these bangle designs  are absolutely adorable and each one has its own individual WOW factor! And the best part is, with the unique colour arrangement, they go with practically anything! 


The eternal blue and red combo is highlighted by black colours inset pink stones, really bringing out those exotic flavours. 


You shouldn't worry too much about the size as the "Snap Shut" mechanism allows the bangle to open to a maximum of 9cm in diameter and enclose around virtually any wrist.


Being our awesome selves, we've taken the liberty to put down some numbers anyway, they are as follows: 


Approximate measurements


Width: 2cm

Diameter: 6cm

Circumference : 19cm


Size: Universal


 p.s. You could always get in touch with your inner fashionista and mix 'n' match different bangles to create an entirely exclusive chunky look!

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